This is interesting. I keep getting emails from a group of people that have mistakenly entered my email address in their CC field. When I look at it though, it is not my address, it is missing the period in between my first and last name. When I was looking at this, I saw a link that said, oddly enough, \”Yes, this is you.\” Upon clicking the \”Learn More\” link I found this information:


Am I receiving someone else\’s email?
Gmail doesn\’t recognize dots (.) as characters within a username. This way, you can add and remove dots to your username for desired address variations. messages sent to and are delivered to the same inbox, since the characters in the username are the same.

Keep in mind that hyphens (-) and underscores (_) can\’t be used in a Gmail address. Also, usernames are case insensitive, so it doesn\’t matter if you enter upper case or lower case letters.

If you created your account with a dot in your username and you wish you hadn\’t, you can change your \’Reply-to address.\’ To change your reply-to address:

1. Click \’Settings\’ at the top of any Gmail page.
2. Enter your without a dot in the \’Reply-to address\’ field.
3. Click \’Save Changes.\’

When you log in to Gmail, you need to enter any dots that were originally defined as part of your username.

For some reason I thought that when I initially signed up for gmail that dustindavis was taken so I selected dustin.davis. I guess dustin.davis just looked better to me