I remember sitting at my computer years ago. I was living in an apartment with a room mate. I had just purchased my first computer. For some reason I felt that if I got a computer before I got a car, I could make lots of money with my computer and then buy a nice car. Well, I didn’t get a computer first. I got a cheap car. I used that cheap car to get a job and go to work. I was making 8 bucks an hour, which at first I thought was a lot. But living on my own in the city, it now seemed like nothing. Sure, the benefits were great, but what 21 year-old non-drinking, non-smoking, sports-loving, computer nerd really needs a great medical plan?

Now I had a computer. But how do I make it earn me some money?

Well, I wish I knew then what I know know! I’m not rich now by any means. But I know that if I really need cash, I can get it in several ways.

I recently bought an eBook online entitled Emergency Cash Generators. I didn’t necissarily need emergency cash, but I though it would be a nice reference to have on hand. Besides, like the sales copy says, I could always get a refund, up to 3 months later.

There are over 100 quick and easy ideas that almost anyone could do to earn money. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to make any of these methods work by any means. I’ll admit, some of them are stupid and useless to a person like me (like going to a bar and being a designated driver for hire). But many others I would consider using on a spare Saturday if I need a few hundred dollars. I’m not busting at the seems to go out and do any of them now because I’m frankly too lazy and comfortable. But I often walk through my college campus thinking, “Man, give me a spare hour between classes and I could really make some money here.”

The author James Jones, seems to me to be an DIY entrepreneur through-and-through. I’m very imporessed by the value of the follow-up emails I’ve received (yes, I know their auto-responders, but they still have value to me). There are many un-advertised bonuses if you buy this ebook. James really puts a lot of though and efforts into his products. He even has video explainations to walk you through some of the more complicated methods of making emergency cash.

So, check out his eBook at EmergencyCashGenerators.com. If you decide to buy it, come back for a visit here and let me know what you thought of it.