DVD Anthology
This site was created to help you keep track of your movies. You can easily create a database of the movies you own. You can then use your personal database to:

  • Print movie lists: No more browsing the drawers or stacks of DVD
    boxes to find what you want to watch. Simply browse your list. It can be
    sorted by title or genre. You can still see the image of the DVD box on your
  • Print check-out charts: Do you like to loan and borrow DVDs from
    friends and family? It can be a choir to keep track of who has what. You can
    print a check out list and quickly jot down who has what move!
  • Keep track of who has what: Use your check-out list to get
    on-line at your convenience and keep track of your borrowed movies online.
  • See what movies your friends own: Invite your friends and family
    to sign up at DVD Anthology and add them to your “friends list.” You can
    then browse their DVD collections. If you borrow often, you can easily save
    loads of money at the rental stores!
  • Create wish lists: Wish lists are great to remind of what movies
    you plan to buy next. Your DVD friends can access this list and get some
    great ideas for gifts!
  • Get the best prices: Get prices from Amazon.com and the Amazon

So get started now! There are 3 simple steps:

1. Sign up – it’s free!
2. Search for DVDs
3. Add DVDs to your list!